Business Applications for the Verizon iPhone 4

The small to medium sized business owner in addition to the home based business owner have a lot on their plates. The tools they use need to be networked, integrated and flow seamlessly wherever the business owner finds himself. Making personnel decisions, viewing stock or services data, tracking his website data such as click through and SEO marketing, email and more can increasingly be performed due to technology advances which allow the business owner to do business when he’s having lunch, in the doctor office or in the airport. Accessing all this from his iPhone 4 is a lifeline the business owner cannot manage without.

Integrating the owner’s iPhone 4 with his home or office PC is probably the first step he’ll want to take. This can be done with all the iPhones 4 the owner’s personnel use for the business such as the sales persons or the delivery drivers or service personnel. Dropbox is the app for the business owner to synch his files from computer to iPhone and among many phones. Linking the files through email and viewing the entire file on the iPhone is one of those lifelines by which the business owner maintains his business. Working well with Verizon iPhone 4 accessories such as Bluetooth makes this app a must-have. When the business owner needs to tap into his computer but he’s in another county selling, providing a service or other aspect of his business, he can use NTRconnect to use his computer. He can access many computers, transfer files and print from the location in which he finds himself. This app can be used by his sales team, delivery or service personnel as well, which will look good beneath the Verizon iPhone 4 screen protector.

For the business owner not possessed of organizational skills or a small notebook, apps such as Evernote and Gee Tasks to the rescue. Synching his to do list and his notes, sharing them with others in the network and receiving their notes and to do tasks and marking paid to completed projects on the home or office computer is worth a lot to the business owner and his staff. Everyone is aware, caught up and moving ahead, in touch with everyone else and all in their Verizon iPhone 4 case.

Another app the business owner simply has to have is FTP On The Go. When he finds himself somewhere else needing to upload a picture to his website, edit text, transfer files, delete files and a hundred other things, this app will be priceless to him. Along with iBlogger, with which the business owner can keep his blog up to date and link it to his website, these tools keep the owner in touch, in synch and organized.

But all work and no play makes a business owner get a headache. Runkeeper Free will eliminate that headache. If the business owner decides to go for a jog, this handy little app will use GPS to map his route, time him, count his calories and if he finds himself on a treadmill, it will map the same information. If the owner prefers to camp on a park bench on a pretty day for a little me time to alleviate stress, he can pull up a cool book to read on Stanza. He could always catch a movie when he has downtime between appointments.

Giving the small to medium sized business owner or the owner of a home based business tools with which to take their business to the next level which can be synched with their iPhones is what apps are about.

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