Must Have Accessories for the Verizon iPhone 4

So, you’ve taken the plunge into iPhone world! That was the easy part – now comes the fun. With so many accessories available, from the mundane to the ridiculous – where to start? Now to decide which are essential, which enhance the iPhone experience and which are totally unnecessary. Take a deep breath, sit back and enjoy what is the ultimate gadget hunt.

Most practical and affordable, choosing protection for your new iPhone 4 is essential. The choices for Verizon iPhone 4 case are seemingly limitless with a wide variety of manufacturers and styles. One of the most practical is Case Mate’s Pop Case, which is a co-molded rubber/hard plastic thin case that pops on the back of the device. With ‘lay-flat’ feature, the screen of the iPhone4 is protected if laid face down on a hard surface. There is even a case, the Sosche kickBack Case, that has a kickstand integrated into the snap back construction, to allow for hands free use. So many cases, just one iPhone!

Should you decide to forego any kind of case, it is essential that at a minimum you acquire some sort of Verizon iPhone 4 Screen protector. Screen protectors are made of a film that adheres to the phone. Quite affordable, you can opt for a basic screen protector, or, if you don’t want to share your cool apps with the guy sitting next to you, try the 4-Way Privacy Screen Protector. If you’ve decided that to cover even the back of such a beautiful device, the protector kit for you is definitely Porporta’s Front, Back and side Film Kit for iPhone 4. Thers are cut-to-size films that adhere to protect the entire device, without altering the distinctive lines. Additionally, the Porporta Films are removable, washable and reusable. Cut to allow full access to all ports while improving and preserving antenna signal, some are even packaged with a wipe-cloth to keep the screen clean.

The absolute ‘must have’ Verizon iPhone 4 accessories are the no frills, practical items that make the iPhone experience complete. Porta’s Smartwipe is the perfect way to keep your device screen like new. The Smartwipe fits on your finger and you just wipe the screen clean. Every iPhone4 user needs a bluetooth headset – be certain to invest in one that is compatible with your new device. Finally, for the exercise enthusiast, you must have the Belkin One Fit Armband, it fits most protective cases, so there’s no need for removing the cove – and if you need to make/take a call, your phone unclips from the armband without having to remove the armband.

Although likely to be considered extravagant by the average consumer, the MiLi Projector (IWOOT) is a must have for the person who has everything and is well versed in conspicuous consumption. This innovative accessory projects a 70 inch image on any clear, flat surface. An equally unnecessary but more affordable accessory for the iPhone 4G is the i-Connex keyboard. Blue tooth technology allows you to have a proper keyboard to employ the computer capabilities of the device with ease.

The Firebox App Station is an affordable accessory that will definitely be one of those “how did I live without it” gadgets. It is a docking station that not only charges your device, it turns your iPhone into a very cool alarm clock. The App Station can be rolled 90 degrees and used to play games, view videos or even Skype. Optional battery (6-AA) or AC power source allows for versatility. Never miss a class or appointment again because your iPhone died taking the alarm with it. Since most of use our iPhone for music as much as for the cool apps and communication – investing in a good set of earbuds or headphones is a good idea. As everyone has different shaped ear canals and level of sensitivity, this is without a doubt a personal choice.

Comparing Different Types of Cases for the Verizon iPhone 4

There are many different iPhone 4 cases available. When there are many different choices, it may be hard to figure out which will be the perfect case for your iPhone 4. The most popular iPhone 4 cases include the Speck Pixel Skin HD, the Speck Fitted, the Griffin Reveal Etch, Griffin Motif, the Belkin Shield Micra, the Incase Snap Case, and the Apple Bumper. In order to pick the right case for your iPhone 4 you will need to compare the popular cases.

The Speck Pixel Skin HD Verizon iPhone 4 case features thin rubber casing. In addition, it features plastic pixels on the back of the casing. Many people enjoy the fact that this case offers button protection as well. This will keep your phone looking new and protected. In addition, there is space available around the headphone jacks and dock connectors. This means you can enjoy your Verizon iPhone 4 accessories with your new Speck Pixel Skin HD case. The MSRP is thirty dollars. The Speck Fitted iPhone 4 case is made out of two piece polycarbonate. In addition, it features a patterned fabric surface. The patterned fabric is great for men and women who enjoy handling comfort and aesthetics. In addition, the Speck Fitted case has a great plaid look that is great for people who still enjoy the dark look. The port and button areas are left open. This case costs around thirty dollars.

The Griffin Motif is made out of TPU material. May different men and women enjoy this material because it is more flexible than plastic. In addition, it is tougher than silicone. This means that you can get the protection and the flexibility that you want in an iPhone 4 case. The smoky color of this case offers partial visibility of your phone. This means that you can still enjoy the sleek look of the iPhone 4 while using a case. The diamond pattern also offers a better appearance. You can enjoy this case for twenty dollars.

The Belkin Shield Micra is a clear poly carbonate case. There are no button colors. In addition, it only covers the rim of the iPhone and the back side of the phone. This is a simple case that is only available in clear cases. You can enjoy this case for around twenty five dollars.

The Incase Snap Case offers only basic protection for your Verizon iPhone 4. Since many people want a case that can protect the Verizon iPhone 4 battery, the Incase Snap Case may be the best option. It features light and hard material that makes the phone easy to handle and carry around. In addition, it covers both sides of the iPhone. However it does not cover the buttons. In addition it does not cover the top and the bottom of the iPhone. This makes it easier to use headphone accessories and the dock. The Incase Snap Case is available in either a clear color or a smoke color. The MSRP for this case is thirty dollars.

The Apple Bumper does not offer that much protection for the iPhone. However, it is perfect for those who are in love with the iPhone 4 design. The metal look and the black glass is great for those who enjoy a technologically advanced appearance. This case covers only the outer rim of the phone with a little protection for the front and the rear of the phone when it is on a flat surface. This is a great case for those who are careful with phones. It is available to the public for around thirty dollars.