Top Social Networking Programs for the Verizon iPhone 4

There are lots of social media apps that you’ll want to download onto your new Verizon iPhone 4. Social media applications vary in exactly what sort of network you’ll be connecting with but all of them allow you to share information with others. While there are obviously some classic social networks that are important for anyone interested in keeping up with the social media landscape while there are some newer programs that are surprisingly innovative.

Facebook is the largest social network in the world and is quickly becoming a must for anyone who is online. Facebook is primarily used for networking with people you already know – this could be former schoolmates, fellow co-workers and people you have met through other venues. Facebook allows for the posting of status messages which update friends and family and check-ins that can let your Facebook friends know where you’ve been. Facebook has an integrated messaging and chat system as well as events, groups and a way to share pictures.

One of the most innovative social media applications for the Verizon iPhone 4 is FoodSpotting. FoodSpotting is an app that allows you to find what delicacies are nearby by scrolling through the pictures of food taken by actual customers at local restaurants. Add to the food fest by taking your own pictures of the meals you eat at restaurants and uploading them to the FoodSpotting app, allowing other people to see what you ate and read any comments you might have. FoodSpotting works best in towns that members have made guides for. Find food trucks in San Fransisco or discover the best nachos in New York. A Verizon iPhone 4 screen protector can help prevent the inevitable salivation that occurs when looking at delicious foods so close.

If you want to learn more about your town outside the scope of food, FourSquare is your social media ticket. FourSquare allows you to track where you’ve been and gives you the option of sharing your check-ins with others. As you travel, FourSquare will show you notes from others who have been around your location, possibly allowing you to discover a place you never knew about. FourSquare also lets you earn badges for certain types of check-ins and if you’re going for the swarm badge, a unique Verizon iPhone 4 case will make sure you don’t mistake your phone for someone else’s.

For micro-blogging, the most popular social media program for the Verizon iPhone 4 will be Twitter. If you’re too busy or too inconsistent for a blog, Twitter lets you still broadcast your thoughts, observations and interests to the world through statements that are 140 characters or less – the size messages could be during the early days of texts. Twitter has become increasingly popular with young and middle-aged professionals as they use the network to connect with people they would like to know. Whether you’re interested in Twitter accounts from experts in your day job of green architecture or people who have a passion for your hobby of do-it-yourself wedding favors, Twitter allow you to connect with the professionals and amateurs alike.

Instagram is a photo-taking application that lets you share what’s going on in your life through fun and inventive photographic art. There are a dozen filters that you can use to give photos certain looks, like black and white or 1960s tan tints. Follow other accounts on Instragram that you’d like to see photos from. There are a number of Verizon iPhone 4 accessories that make photography on your phone even more impressive but Instragram can be used with or without them.